Dream Big and Beyond

In the college days, we friends were discussing about the future, our dreams and ambitions. Since we all were computer engineers we all wanted to land in some IT Firms. And one of my friend said that he wants to work in big companies like Microsoft.

I was wondering is that “that easy”. My mind was like we are not in a reputed college, so we wont have much exposure, also there is huge competition in the world, with all these constraints is that possible? I had ‘n’ number of questions in my mind.

One fine day he got selected in a very big company as he had dreamt. He is basically a hard worker, very passionate towards his field and has high determination.

If he would have feared about the constraints  he would not have dreamt big and not have achieved  this big though he had other positives. If we dream big, we will surely, somehow find a way  to reach the destination goal some day, by crossing all the hurdles.

Many of us think about the constraints first and put limits to our own dreams by underestimating ourselves and by thinking  negatively (“we can’t do all these” , “It is difficult”, It is not possible”). If we are only fearing about the hurdles we can never dream big and we can never achieve anything big even though  we work hard. So the actual hurdle is not the hurdle itself it is just the way we think. So people, common, stop limiting yourselves, think beyond, lets dream big and achieve big.


A way to handle toddler tantrums

My small boy was screaming in the airport for 1 and half hrs…It made me very nervous. It was my first travel abroad. We were travelling to Sweden from India to my brother-in-law’s place.

We didn’t get any direct flight so we had to travel to Germany first then from there to Sweden. We already had travelled for 9 hrs from India to Germany which has made my son restless. He was  1.8 yrs old who is very active and never sits in a place for even one minute. So it was a very big challenge for me to make him sit in flight for hours together.

He was crying and crying and I was sure he wasn’t hurt or ill bt still didn’t know why was he throwing such a tantrum..Everyone  in the airport was staring at us as though we have committed  a crime.

There came a girl who is literally an angel who made my child stop crying..She just gave a Kinder Joy chocolate which was new to my son . It was a surprise for him which made him forget  everything and was very happy.  I was dumbstruck that I didn’t even thank her at that time. Anyways  as a parent in that situation, with all emotions, it was difficult to handle but now I have learned the trick of how to control the toddler’s tantrums through these small small surprises.

Toddlers of age 1.8 to 3 yrs are very difficult to handle as they don’t understand everything what we say and also they don’t  know how to communicate what they feel, so this often leads to tantrums. One best thing about them, at this age is, it is very easy to make them forget, for what they are crying and bring them to new mood, by either changing the environment or showing something new or giving some surprises. scolding them or yelling at them is of no use in this age as they don’t understand things clearly.

So well, people, if you are planning for an abroad trip with your toddler take a bag of small small surprises like a pocket of color balloons, crayons, surprise toy chocolates, colourful key chains and toys. So all these will help you at times to keep the toddler in control.


Easy Life style

In this generation, we expect at most comfort in all spheres of  life. We would like to enjoy life without taking much commitments. We want our work to be done either using gadgets/machines or by maid.

In short, we are looking for an easy life, So “easy lifestyle” is nothing but less work/ commitments, at most comfort, more enjoyment which ultimately results in laziness. Gradually, this laziness paves the way for self-centred & indifferent behaviour in people. People don’t care about anyone anymore they just want their life to be happy and easy.

People nowadays want to stay in flats and not independent house just because responsibilities are common and are taken care by maintenance team. So less responsibilities less headache. Similarly, nowadays  people prefer wedding planners which makes wedding preparations much easier. Also, people prefer “ready to eat” foods. Slowly over the years people’s attitude have changed this way.

Do you think is this lifestyle healthy? It affects the individual’s health as he does no or minimum physical work. Also this lazy attitude affects mental health too.  Slowly his/her mind will be tuned in a way not to take any additional work /responsibilities. Then slowly  it will lead to procrastination. Then he will feel happy if others/ gadgets does his own work.

Then not only the individual gets affected, also his family gets affected by this “easy lifestyle”.The best example of this is nowadays parents give electronic gadgets to their children for playing games so that they are not disturbed. They are not ready to put efforts to engage them.

So all these affects the entire society.

I don’t say people should not enjoy, people can definitely enjoy without compromising on their responsibilities and commitments. People can definitely lead a comfortable life but without which also they should know to live happily. People should be ready to take up work and be ready to work hard as this is the real success and this is what will give  you real happiness.